Why don’t you rent Mountain Splash through a local rental agency?
We know lots of people who do that. But when we bought Mountain Splash, we talked to lots of owners. Their advice was to manage our own rentals so we can provide the best possible service to our guests. We are part of a group of other owners who rent their own properties, so we get lots of help and advice from dozens of owners who have been renting their own properties for decades.

How are you able to rent the cabin when you don’t live in Pigeon Forge?
Our local partner, Smoky Mountain Service Management, LLC does our cleaning and maintenance.  They are a well established company with a great reputation in the area. We stay in touch with them by phone and e-mail, and we stay at Mountain Splash several times each year. As mentioned above, we are also part of a group of about 65 people who “rent by owner.” So we have flexibility and backup to be able to provide you with a quality vacation.

Where can I find your rental policies?
Please see “Policies” and “During Your Stay.”

What if I don’t want to make my reservation online?
We understand, although we have never had our website or our reservation website compromised. If you prefer, you can call us during normal business hours. We can take all your information over the phone, even though that is much less secure than booking online. The number is 865-325-9888.

Why don’t you have an 800 number?
Two reasons. We’re trying to keep costs down so we can keep prices down. Secondly, we find that so many people have cell phones or unlimited calling plans today that long-distance calling is usually not an issue. If that’s a problem for you, email us and we’ll call you right back!

Didn’t your Smokies Rent Direct website used to list another cabin?
Yes, it actually listed two other cabins that were owned by Dave and Phyllis Baseler – Smoky Mountain Tower and All Decked Out. The Baselers sold Smoky Mountain Tower to permanent residents in 2015. All Decked Out was destroyed in the Gatlinburg fires in late November 2016. (Smoky Mountain Tower was also destroyed). We have become friends with Dave and Phyllis through the owner’s group previously mentioned. Because they no longer own rental cabins, they were just going to shut down this website. But we didn’t have a website, so we made arrangements for them to transfer this site to us. You can learn more about Dave and Phyllis and the history of Smokies Rent Direct here. We are starting with Mountain Splash, but keep watching. We may add more cabins in the future.